Validant Case Study

Deploying Remote Teams for Project Delivery


Prior to COVID-19, clients have needed large teams to assist with remediation projects such as complaint handling and Adverse Event Reporting. It is not always practical to bring large teams on-site. Since COVID-19, remote work has become necessary for all nonessential functions.


Validant has executed multiple projects through the years with remote teams comprised of individuals working from their home offices. For one recent case in point, Validant:

  • Provided a self-directed work team of more than 40 SMEs to work remotely under a Team Lead with oversight from our Partners
  • Provided necessary systems and infrastructure to facilitate training, information and document exchange
  • Performed complaint intake, review of over 8,000 complaints in backlog, Adverse Event reporting, and processed claims associated with a product recall

Through a 100% remote work delivery model, Validant:

  • Eliminated the client’s complaint backlog
  • Put a process in place to ensure on-time Adverse Event Reporting
  • Delivered Vigilance and eMDR reports to Competent Authorities on time
  • Eliminated backlog of claims filed in association with the product recall

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